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Skull Jewelry

Skull Collection
our price: $720.00
A full set of skulls: </p>Earrings, medium sized bracelet (six inches) and 18 inch chain.</p> This is heavy! Each skull has been specially designed...
Skull Chain
our price: $275.00
Three kinds of skullsThe silent skull, the speaking skull and the skull of Aw connected with jump rings to make a very heavy chain. You will most c...
Skull earrings
our price: $60.00
These are heavy! Made of skulls each one linked to the other and hung from your choice of earrings hooks: Sheppard and clasp hook. Available in sil...
Skull Bracelet
our price: $145.00
This is heavy!Three different faces: the silent skull, the talking skull and the skull of Aw,each linked together and termination with a clasp, all...
Laughing Skull
our price: $22.00
Laughing Skull Hair Bead - these can be used in hair wraps as well as necklace and leather beads. 1/4" Hair Bead
Skull of Aw Hair bead
our price: $21.00
A face of the amazed dead</p>This little skull may be worn as a hair bead or hung as a charm. </p>
Skull Money Clip
our price: $145.00
A money clip with character! A skull that will bite onto those presidents and not let go! None like it. This Classic Skull Money Clip is a deep car...
Talking Skull Hair Bead
our price: $21.00
The jaw seems to have opened, perhaps offering advice from beyond...This little skull may be worn as a hair bead or hung as a charm . </p>
York Hair Bead
our price: $18.50
A skull without the jaw. </p>The image is similar to that of the skull Hamlet held in Shakespeare's classic play.</p>May be used as a hair bead or ...
Silent Skull Hair bead
our price: $21.00
With closed jaw the image of the ancestor remains silent.</p>This little skull may be worn as a hair bead or hung as a charm . </p>
Skull Money Clip with Stones
our price: $160.00
It's those eyes...!<br> A skull that will bite onto those presidents and never blink an eye! <br>Deep carving with a strong spring, 2 1/4" by 1 3/8...
Skull and Cross Bones Money Clip
our price: $130.00
The classic image of the Skull and Cross Bones as a money clip, for those serious about keeping their bills safe! This money clip has tight fitting...
Jolly Roger Money Clip
our price: $175.00
Perfect for Pirates! This money clip is a tight fitting, </p>spring loaded deep carving: </p>the classic skull and cross swords of the Jolly Roger....
Dark Angel Amulet
our price: $62.00
The top most vertebrae is the axis vertebra (C2), nick named "The Dark Angel" commonly because of its position: It forms the pivot upon which the f...
Custom Pouch
our price: $5.50
Merlin original custom pouch made of sturdy material with ribbon ties. A long pouch six inches by three inches, when folded in half: three by three...
Bunny Skull Amulet
our price: $20.00
Bunny Skull: Both luckier than a rabbit's foot and offering fierce protection, this Bunny Skull is fashioned in miniature after the likeness of Fra...
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