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Aries Amulet
our price: $32.00
Aries ~Fire~ March 20/21 - April 20 "I Am" The First sign of the Zodiac is the point of beginnings. The sound and the fury primitive expression and...
Taurus Amulet
our price: $32.00
Taurus -Earth- April 20 - May 21 "I Have" Fixed Earth. Charming lovers of beauty. Affectionate, reliable and practical. Taurus provides a deep comf...
Gemini Amulet
our price: $32.00
Gemini ~Air~ May 21 - June 21 "I Think" This sign of the twins, nether positive nor negative yet the potential of both. Mutable air combined with M...
Cancer Amulet
our price: $32.00
Cancer ~Water~ June 21 - July 23 "I Feel" The emotional nature in the cardinal mode becomes relentless. The self contained element tends to keep th...
Leo Amulet
our price: $32.00
Leo ~Fire~ July 23 - August 23 "I Will" The element of Fire is expressed with enthusiasm is focused an almost single minded devotion. Happiest whil...
Virgo Amulet
our price: $32.00
Virgo -Earth- August 23 - September 23 I Analyze Virgo is a practical Earth sign that is adaptable in its mutable nature. Like Taurus loves the pra...
Libra Amulet
our price: $32.00
Libra ~Air~ September 23 - October 23/24 "We Balance" Libra is considered "Positive " and cardinal resulting in being active and aggressive. Howeve...
Scorpio Amulet
our price: $32.00
Scorpio ~Water~ October 23 - November 22 "I Create" Ruled by Mars and strong emotional tendencies, Scorpio tends to be true to its convictions and ...
Sagittarius Amulet
our price: $32.00
Sagittarius ~Fire~ November 22 - December 21 "I Perceive" This is the Centaur shooting the arrow: aiming for the stars. Sagittarius aspires to grea...
Capricorn Amulet
our price: $32.00
Capricorn -Earth- December 22 - January 19/20 "I Use" Cardinal Earth brings Capricorn forward as extremely practical in every day life. They have t...
Aquarius Amulet
our price: $32.00
Aquarius ~Air~ January 20 - February 18/19 "I Know" In Aquarius the outgoing self expressive positive polarity combining with the communicative nat...
Pisces Amulet
our price: $32.00
Pisces ~Water~ February 18/19 - 20/21 "I Believe" The flow of Mutable Water: sensitive; strong, deep emotions. Kind, sympathetic, receptive, and ve...
Custom Pouch
our price: $5.50
Merlin original custom pouch made of sturdy material with ribbon ties. A long pouch six inches by three inches, when folded in half: three by three...
The textures of the pieces correspond to the element of the piece. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are "carved in flame" while Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces have a more water like effect. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn have a more solid look while Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are "brushed" with air.
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