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The Justice Amulet

T11SA: The Justice Amulet
The Justice Amulet
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Atop the world stands a woman blindfolded and bound.
She is crowned with ~Lamed~

This is the balance of all things: action and reaction.

The Justice Amulet is the scales that judge the balance of a person, situation or environment. Lady Justice stands on the globe of the world; her hair streams out to encompass "all things" signifying her influence. Like the legend of Maat (Egyptian Mythos): a sword is strapped to her back: "that which must be removed will be cut away" whether you want it to or not.

The Justice Amulet is for those who are dedicated to the Law: Judges, Lawyers, Police or security officers. The Amulet is also good for those who are in charge of clearing spaces: Housekeepers, Maids, folks that work a Kitchen, or in any way in charge of keeping spaces clean and clear of unwanted objects, clutter or energy of any kind; parents who must "draw the line" for their children, administrative officers in schools or other organizations. As a tool for those that are in need of clearing portions of their lives and need a "Good Tonic" to cleanse themselves of unwanted toxins.

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