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MCAP   Ace of Pentacles Money Clip
NA15S   Acorn Brooch
AN01S   Ankh Amulet
ANO7   Ankh of Peace Amulet
ASKAQ   Aquarius Amulet
ASAC   Aries - Capricorn Amulet
ASAAIR   Aries Amulet
ASARGM   Aries-Gemini Amulet
GS08S   Artemis Amulet
DA03S   Astaroth Amulet
AN04S   Athame Ankh
AA01   Autumn Awen
IB-6   Awen Charm
E27   Awen Earrings
IB-7   Awen Penannular Brooch
IB-5   Awen Stud Earring
MY08S   Baby Dragon Amulet
PE18S   Balanced Star Amulet
SSI4   Baphomet Pentacle
SC1   Baphomet Sculpture
SC6   Baphomet Statue
MY05S   Bardic Harp Amulet
MJ_02   Bass Clef Amulet
E26   Bass Clef Earrings
NA27   Bear Amulet
mu01   Bee Flat Amulet
MJBN   Bee Natural Pendant
E03S   Besom Earrings
PE03S   Besom Pentacle Amulet
SRW_01   Black Forest Ring
PE12S   Blossom Star Amulet
P12S   Bow and Arrow Pin
FA1B   Bronze Light Bearer Fairy Sculpture
SC4   Brother Coyote Statue
MY01   Bubo Amulet
SK20   Bunny Skull Amulet
PE16S   Caduceus Pentacle Amulet
PE_23   Caduceus Pentacle Earrings
AA12   Cancer - Aquarius Amulet
ASCC   Cancer - Capricorn Amulet
ASDCAN   Cancer Amulet
ASJCAP   Capricorn Amulet
E10S   Cauldron Earrings
BR01   Celestial Bracelet
CR02SL   Celtic Cross Amulet
BR03   Celtic Knot Bracelet
EC06   Celtic Knot Ear Cuff
R23   Celtic Lovers Knot Ring
R17S   Centaur Ring
G42   Cernunnos Amulet
DA02S   Chaos Amulet
KN13S   Circle Triquetra Amulet
AN01S1   Classic Ankh Amulet
rtg1   Classic Triple Goddess Ring
FA4S   Clue Fairy Amulet
CR04S   Cross of Joy Amulet
SB_01   Cuff Bracelet
IB-3   Dagda's Club Amulet
IB-4   Dagda's Shield Amulet
D07S   Dancing Amy Amulet
NA05S   Dancing Coyote Amulet
D13   Dark Angel Amulet
MY22S   Divine Duality Amulet
DA07B   Djembe Charm
DA08   Djembe Earrings
D12   Djembe of Fire Amulet
DNA5   DNA Bracelet
DNA1   DNA Collection
DNA3   DNA Earrings
DNA2   DNA Pendant
GS02B   Doini Amulet
NA20   Dolphin and Manta Ray Amulet
MY10S   Double headed Phoenix with Stone
P11S   Double Song Cloak Clasp
AN03S   Dragon Ankh Amulet
E15S   Dragon Ankh Earrings
MCD01   Dragon Money Clip
DAS01   Druid Ancestor Skull
DPBC   Druid Prayer Bead Clip
IB-10   Druid Sigil Charm
D10   Drum Circle Jewelry Set
D11   Drummer Girl Amulet
MY13S   Elvin Moon Amulet
GS10   Epona Amulet
E25   Faery Star Earrings
FA2S   Fairy of Air Amulet
SS16   Fetish O-ring
MY31   Fire Pixie Amulet
R13S   Fire Star Ring
NA09S6   Flame Chain Bracelet
NA34   Flame Chain Collection
NA09   Flame Chain Necklace
MY27   Flame Dragon Amulet
E19S   Flame Earrings
MY33B   Flame Pixie Chain Bracelet
MY06S   Flame Sprite Necklace
MCFLAME   Flame the Dragon Money Clip
P20   Flaming Knot Cloak clasp
MY29   Flare Pixie Amulet
NA04S   Floral Cluster Brooch
NA01S   Fox Amulet
R12S   Full Moon Ring
PE21   Gardnerian Pentacle Amulet
ASCGEM   Gemini Amulet
AA14   Gemini-Leo Amulet
ASGEMPI   Gemini-Pisces Amulet
R19S   God Ring
GS04S   Goddess of Attitude Amulet
R20S   Goddess Ring
P06S   Grape Pentacle Penannular
PE11S   Grape Vine Pentacle Amulet
PO6B   Grape Vine with Pentacle Penannular
R33   Green Man Ring
MY14S   Gryphon Amulet
VA01   Gye Nyame Amulet
MY37   Gye Nyame Earrings
VA02   Gye Nyame Set
MY36   Gye Nyame Small Amulet
VA04   Gye Nyame Tao Amulet
PE23   Gypsy Amulet
G02SD   Hand of Zeus Amulet
E16S   Hand Of Zeus Earrings
BR04   Handfasting Bracelet
BR06   Harm Bracelet
DA06S   Heart Of Promise Amulet
PE08S   Herne's Pentacle Amulet
TES02   High Priestess Stud Earring
DA01S   I Love You Amulet
BR05   Infinity Bracelet
SS21   Inverted Pentacle
IB-1   Isaac's Druid Sigil
JA01   Jason's Amulet
MCJR   Jolly Roger Money Clip
JAm09   Jon's Amulet Final payment
MY24S   Kallisti Amulet
KWS03   Karen's Wedding set Balance payment
PE20   Kitchen Witch Pentacle
EC03S   Knotted Chain Ear Cuff
EC02S   Knotted Flow Earcuff
KN1S   Knotted Penannular Brooch
PE10S   Knotted Star Amulet
EC04S   Knotted Wave Earcuf
PE15S   Ladies of the Star Amulet
SC7   Lady of Brew
AN02S   Large Ankh Amulet
I-B6   Large Awen Amulet
IB-8   Large Dagda's Shield Amulet
PE24   Large Pentacle Amulet
CR05SM   Large Solar Cross Amulet
NA29   Leaf Chain Bracelet
E20S   Leaf Chain Earrings
NA12S6   Leaf Chain Necklace
NA33   Leaf Collection
lda01   Leaf Dragon Amulet
P21   Leaf Knot Cloak Clasp
r32   Leaf Wreath Ring
MY26   Leaping Hern
ASELEO   Leo Amulet
AA13   Leo-Aquarius Amulet
ASGLIB   Libra Amulet
NA25   Little Sun Amulet
D06S   Lord of The Dance Amulet
CR03S   Lunar Cross Amulet
GS06S   Madonna Amulet
GS07S   Maiden Mother Crone Amulet
D03S   Man A-Stride Amulet
R03S   Maple Leaf Ring
SS17   Men's Safe and Sane Ring
D14   Merlin's Djembe Collection
SA02   Merlin's Solid Awen
C102   Merlin's Triquetra Collection
mc01   Mermaid Charm
E11S   Mermaid Earrings
MY09S   Mirth the Dragon Amulet
R06S   Moon and Star Ring
AMF1   Moon Flame Amulet
NA10S6   Moon Phase Chain
NA10S6B   Moon Phase Chain - Bracelet
E21   Morning Star Earrings
NA07S   Morning Stars Amulet
HB011   Mushroom Hair Bead
MM01   Music Mandala Amulet
mj-09   Musical Love Amulet
e69   Musical Love Earrings
NA30   Nova Amulet
MY28   Oak Harp Amulet
BR02   Oak Leaf Bracelet
PE13S   Oak Pentacle Amulet with Stone
BB03S   Oak Tree Belt Buckle
D16S   Om Amulet
CL01   Om Collection
E12S   Om Earrings
SC3   One in spirit
SCul_02   One in Spirit Sculpture
GS05S   Oshun Amulet
R21S   Ouroboros Ring
R31   Ouroboros Ring with Scales
P23   Pagan Clergy Pin
P18   Pan Penannular
P06B   Pan Pipe Penannular

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