The Scrying Amulet Small Winter Awen Amulet Winter Awen Belt Buckle Twin Dragons Necklace
The Scrying Amulet
Our Price: $24.00
Small Winter Awen Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Winter Awen Belt Buckle
Our Price: $195.00
Twin Dragons Necklace
Our Price: $195.00
The classic image of a crystal ball set into the fingers of a tiny sculpted hand The Winter Awen, Holly covers some of the stave and includes pine cones The Awen is an ancient design used by the Druids of Olde. Two serpentine dragons in one amulet, facing each other and holding a stone between them
Small Solar Cross Amulet The Cat Amulet The Large Lovers Amulet The Heptagram Amulet
Small Solar Cross Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
The Cat Amulet
Silver $28.00
The Large Lovers Amulet
Our Price: $155.00
The Heptagram Amulet
Our Price: $36.00
This bold amulet is made of metal but the texture is that of stone, referring to its ancient origins. The Cat Amulet celebrates the cat's place in our lives. A larger version of the Lover's Amulet,: a man and woman framed by wings A simple, deep carving of a woven seven point star pendant in filigree of the Heptagram
Green Man Ring Harm Bracelet Fire Star Ring Handfasting Bracelet
Green Man Ring
Our Price: $175.00
Harm Bracelet
Our Price: $156.00
Fire Star Ring
Our Price: $29.00
Handfasting Bracelet
Our Price: $132.00
Sometimes when you look up into the forest's branches, one can see images like faces in the leaves. In the elder days, that "face" was said to be a vision of the Green Man. The Harm Bracelet is a sterling chain with a series of weapons: the Sun
Sword, the Mace, the Morning Star, and various axes
Tongues of fire forming a five point star surrounded by a firey circle, mounted on a shank of sterling silver. Two separate strands forming a knot that is stronger than the sum of both parts.

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