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Flare Pixie Amulet Fire Pixie Amulet The Goddess of Blessings Amulet Dragon Ankh Amulet
Flare Pixie Amulet
Our Price: $18.00
Fire Pixie Amulet
Our Price: $18.00
Dragon Ankh Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Sterling silver pixie of Flame worn as a pendant Her hair makes a loop behind her head with a loop beneath her, a flame creature; original a link of the Flame Pixie Chain The goddess image with arms raised to the moon, droplets of blessings,  Dragonfly wings of the Spiritual path, and the spiral of  creation A Dragon in the shape of the Egyptian symbol of Life, combining the symbol of life from several cultures.
Isaac Bonewits Dagda's Club Amulet Star Drop Amulet Small Pentacle Amulet Small Pentacle of Fire Amulet
Star Drop Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Small Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
This represents the Irish All-Father's magical club, which was a Druid's wand, a warrior's weapon, and a fertility symbol. An eight point star hung by a jump ring at the extended top ray Small pentacle, a simple delicately woven five point star A Pentacle of Flames woven together forming indefinable shapes.
Caduceus Pentacle Amulet The Faery Star Amulet Small Awen Amulet Small Winter Awen Amulet
Caduceus Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
The Faery Star Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Small Awen Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Small Winter Awen Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Caduceus Pentacle is a symbol of health, good communication and a balance of all things One of the more recent adopters of the seven point star is the  Faery Tradition of Wicca. A wreath of oak leaves with the Mesopagan Druid symbol of the "three rays of light. The Winter Awen, Holly covers some of the stave and includes pine cones
Divine Duality Amulet Gye Nyame Small Amulet Astaroth Amulet Moon Flame Amulet
Divine Duality Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Gye Nyame Small Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Astaroth Amulet
Our Price: $23.00
Moon Flame Amulet
Our Price: $24.00
A double-faced amulet, one side depicts a Goddess-image, while the other shows the image of the Horned One. Gye nyame, a symbol meaning: I am afraid of none but God; This smaller version of the Gye Nyame Amulet is flat, simple and elegant; Sterling silver Astrologers, Tarotists and other seekers of wisdom have since chosen a different path A small crescent moon enveloped in flame, symbolizing the ever changing nature of Luna and the transforming qualities of Fire.
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