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Leaf Knot Cloak Clasp Triquetra Penannular Pentacle Penannular Grape Vine with Pentacle Penannular
Leaf Knot Cloak Clasp
Our Price: $99.00
Triquetra Penannular
Our Price: $155.00
Pentacle Penannular
Our Price: $155.00
This original design by Merlin incorporates the maple leaf motif with Celtic knotwork. The clasp has two strong and durable hooks that link the two panels together, with three loops on the back of each panel for stitching to your garment.
The Knotted frame is topped by a Triquetra knot: the classic Celtic symbol of the unity of Three. A knotted brooch frame topped with a knotted Pentacle This Penannular brooch is fully articulated and clasps like the traditional clasps of the Celts
Pan Penannular Flaming Knot Cloak clasp
Pan Penannular
Our Price: $195.00
Flaming Knot Cloak clasp
Our Price: $250.00
The frame of a grape arbor topped with Pan Himself playing his pipe in a wreath of leaves and grapes Knotwork forming a fan of flames.
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