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Combining two Sun Signs of the Zodiac, we have Astro Blends.  Each amulet is a blend of Astrological symbols making a new design
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Gemini-Pisces Amulet Scorpio-Pisces Amulet Aries-Gemini Amulet Cancer - Capricorn Amulet
Gemini-Pisces Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Scorpio-Pisces Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Aries-Gemini Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Cancer - Capricorn Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
A sterling
silver piece with the two signs of the zodiac woven together
A blend of Scorpio-Pisces in a Sterling silver Amulet Aries of flame and Gemini of air bursts with power. Both symbols Balance and Strengthen each other. Astro Blend of Capricorn and Cancer woven into a single amulet
Aries - Capricorn Amulet Cancer Aquarius Amulet Leo-Aquarius Amulet Gemini-Leo Amulet
Aries - Capricorn Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Cancer - Aquarius Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Leo-Aquarius Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Gemini-Leo Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
An Astro-blend: Combining the astrological symbols of Aries and Capricorn Combining the Astrological symbols of Cancer and Aquarius into a single Amulet An amulet blending the qualities of Leo ~Fire~ July 23 - August 23 and Aquarius ~Air~ January 20 - February 18/19 The Gemini-Leo Amulet is a combination of Fire and Air, an extremely hot, vibrant mix of courage and intelligence.
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