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Flare Pixie Amulet Fire Pixie Amulet The Goddess of Blessings Amulet Divine Duality Amulet
Flare Pixie Amulet
Our Price: $18.00
Fire Pixie Amulet
Our Price: $18.00
Divine Duality Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Sterling silver pixie of Flame worn as a pendant Her hair makes a loop behind her head with a loop beneath her, a flame creature; original a link of the Flame Pixie Chain The goddess image with arms raised to the moon, droplets of blessings,  Dragonfly wings of the Spiritual path, and the spiral of  creation A double-faced amulet, one side depicts a Goddess-image, while the other shows the image of the Horned One.
Chaos Amulet The Scrying Amulet Hand of Zeus Amulet Tiny Phoenix Amulet
Chaos Amulet
Our Price: $24.00
The Scrying Amulet
Our Price: $24.00
Hand of Zeus Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
Tiny Phoenix Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The classic symbol for Chaos   In both the more formal and the Mythic sense The classic image of a crystal ball set into the fingers of a tiny sculpted hand The Classic image of the thunderbolt with the hand of Zeus taking aim Phoenix rising on the wing
Within These Hands Amulet Baby Dragon Amulet Unicorn Amulet Yin Yang with Ouroboros Amulet
Within These Hands Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
Baby Dragon Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
Unicorn Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
A Sky-clad Man with deer antlers steps ahead with healing energy between his hands. A baby dragon emerges from her shell. Her wings stretch out over the egg as she looks around for Mom... or food! Unicorn with a wreath of grape leaf and fruit The classic Yin Yang symbol with a couple of extras.
Artemis Amulet The Ouroboros Amulet Witch on a Broom Amulet Kallisti Amulet
Artemis Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
The Ouroboros Amulet
Our Price: $34.00
Witch on a Broom Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
Kallisti Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
The Greek Goddess Artemis aims her bow and arrow under a small moon which lights her way. The Ouroboros Amulet with a small diamond shape on the forehead symbolizing the third eye of perception A Beautiful Witch rides side saddle across the sky on a broomstick An apple with the word: Kallisti embossed on it
Cernnunos Amulet Madonna Amulet Bubo Amulet The Left Eye of Horus Amulet
Cernunnos Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
Madonna Amulet
Our Price: $39.00
Bubo Amulet
Our Price: $39.00
The Horned God reflects the seasons of the year in an annual cycle of life, death and rebirth An amulet of a Mother looking upon her sleeping baby in her arms A horned owl sits upon a crescent moon.
The classic image: The Left Eye of Horus (Egyptian) framed in a triangle to be worn as an amulet.
Flame Dragon Amulet Fairy of Air Amulet Clue Fairy Amulet Epona Amulet
Flame Dragon Amulet
Our Price: $39.00
Fairy of Air Amulet
Our Price: $48.00
Clue Fairy Amulet
Our Price: $48.00
Epona Amulet
Our Price: $48.00
An amulet of a Dragon ascending in a circle of fire, her head bends to listen A tiny sculpture of an Angelic figure, cloaked in motion and framed in feathery wings carrying a Celtic Style Harp The Battered Clue Fairy    The perfect mascot of the clueless An amulet of the Goddess of Horses: Epona  with mane and hair of the Goddess braided together
Wizard Mouse Amulet The Medicine Woman Amulet Mirth the Dragon Amulet The Amulet of Pan
Wizard Mouse Amulet
Our Price: $49.00
The Medicine Woman Amulet
Our Price: $55.00
Mirth the Dragon Amulet
Our Price: $62.00
The Amulet of Pan
Our Price: $65.00
Small Mouse in oversize clothing, on a stack of books giving the universe: What Fore with his trusty wand by golly! The amulet combines the the images of a Medicine Woman with those things of which she uses on a daily basis: all one in the same The Dragon's wings stretched out in flight, tail slightly coiled and a mischievous grin Pan plays his pipes wreathed in Grape leaves with a grape cluster as a foundation.
The Rite Way Amulet The Story Teller Amulet Venus Amulet Second Seal Of Jupiter Amulet
The Rite Way Amulet
Our Price: $68.00
The Story Teller Amulet
Our Price: $75.00
Venus Amulet
Our Price: $75.00
A witch flying on a broom with bristles forward, her cape and hood trailing behind An amulet of a young woman sits in the lap of her Elder as she listens to  folk lore: stories which hold Truth and the Wisdom of the Ages The classic symbol of Venus frames the image of the Goddess of Love A seal of embossed Hebrew and the star of David for those  seeking hidden, inner qualities of One's Own Self
Gryphon Amulet Zeus Amulet Song Dragon Amulet Maiden Mother Crone Amulet
Gryphon Amulet
Our Price: $79.00
Zeus Amulet
Our Price: $115.00
Song Dragon Amulet
Our Price: $115.00
Maiden Mother Crone Amulet
Our Price: $120.00
The Gryphon Amulet: Lion and Eagle, between this world and what is beyond the veil, Protector and Defender,strength and clarity Within the swirling clouds of the sky, the King of Gods rears back with a bolt of lightning She is called "Song" because she is the embodiment of music within a dragon. 3-Dimensional, 2-sided dragon holds her claws in a very heraldic fashion, her horny head bowed both blessing and warning all who approaches Illustrates the three stages of Womanhood within the symbol of Venus
Doni Amulet The Ra Amulet The Green Man Amulet Bronze Light Bearer Fairy Sculpture
Doni Amulet
Our Price: $135.00
The Ra Amulet
Our Price: $145.00
The Green Man Amulet
Our Price: $155.00
The classic image of the Doni Goddess An amulet of the God Ra looking straight at you, both to intensify the aspect of the Noble Deity and to herald the new aeon An amulet of Lord of the Trees, bedecked with acorns and leaves, Using oak leaves and acorns to adorn the face Wings in mid flight she holds a lantern before her thus projection the Truth in her Path. 3-Dimensional solid bronze sculpture hung as an ornament
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