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Over the years I have created many of these seals, one of which I produce regularly in my line of Jewelry: the fourth Seal of Jupiter. Many of the seals were made for private use and not for public view. For a piece I have just completed, I was given permission to display in my gallery: The Key of Solomon.

This is a two sided Talisman, designed, developed and produced to be carried on a daily basis.

The Solar side holds the Third seal of the Sun

Because the piece was to be shaped like a key, I designed the piece to reflect the side of the seal it corresponds to: hence I created a sunburst for the solar side and extended “Yods” down the shaft of the key itself.

On the reverse side of the seal is the First Pentacle of the Moon:

This pentacle uses a hieroglyphic representation of a door or gate, here I used the flairs of the opposite side to create the crescents of the moon, the “bright side” of the lunar representation showing out ward. Again (similar to the other side) Yods extend down the shaft, similar to the Moon Tarot Card.

The shaft itself is composed of the Cross of Matter, “Earth”. This both grounds the piece adding foundation to the piece and provides a direction for manifestation.

The entire piece is 2 ½ inches long, each seal is a one inch by one inch piece of Sterling silver with the Key cast in bronze.