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Skull of York Amulet Silent Skull Charm Talking Skull Charm Skull of Aw Amulet
Skull of York Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Silent Skull Charm
Our Price: $21.00
Talking Skull Charm
Our Price: $21.00
Skull of Aw Amulet
Our Price: $21.00
A skull without the jaw With closed jaw the image of the ancestor remains silent A silver skull with the jaw opening in speech A sterling silver skull carved fully in three dimensions, jaw opened wide
Skull Hair Bead Bunny Skull Amulet Druid Ancestor Skull Dark Angel Amulet
Skull Hair Bead
Our Price: $22.00
Bunny Skull Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Druid Ancestor Skull
Our Price: $55.00
Dark Angel Amulet
Our Price: $62.00
A phantom-style skull hair bead with a hold in the center for hanging on a cord or woven into your hair. Luckier than a rabbit's foot and offering fierce protection. A bunny skull including ears and a jump ring in sterling silver
The Druid Skull Amulet is a carving of a human skull without the jaw with an Awen on the forehead, heavy, fully three dimensional hallow carving Cervical Atlas vertebrae designed as a pendant
Skull Chain Bracelet Skull Money Clip Skull Money Clip with Stones Jolly Roger Money Clip
Skull Chain Bracelet
Our Price: $145.00
Skull Money Clip
Our Price: $195.00
Jolly Roger Money Clip
Our Price: $220.00
Three different faces: the silent skull, the talking skull and the skull of Awe, each linked together and terminating with a clasp A money clip with character!   A skull that will bite onto those presidents and not let go! It's those eyes...!  A skull that will bite onto those presidents and never blink an eye!  A deep carving with a strong spring. The
classic skull and crossed swords of the Jolly Roger are stout, solid and
durable.  This money clip is a tight-fitting, spring-loaded deep carving.
Skull Chain
Skull Chain
Our Price: $475.00
Three kinds of skulls connected with jump rings to make a very heavy chain
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