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Rings created by Kirk McLaren or "Merlin" of Amulets by Merlin. Classic pentacle designs, spirals, rings with animal design, stones and more.
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The Bat Ring The Doini Goddess Ring Full Moon Ring Ouroboros Ring
The Bat Ring
Our Price: $20.00
The Doini Goddess Ring
Our Price: $28.00
Full Moon Ring
Our Price: $29.00
Ouroboros Ring
Our Price: $29.00
The image of a bat with spread wings in bas relief on a sterling silver shank. A simple shank ring with the anchient Goddess Doini; her arms over head and a spiral on her belly. The disc of the full moon on a solid shank of silver. The Ouroboros, is an ancient symbol illustrated by a serpent swallowing its own tail, forming a circle.
God Ring Goddess Ring Peace Ring Ouroboros Ring with Scales
God Ring
Our Price: $30.00
Goddess Ring
Our Price: $30.00
Peace Ring
Our Price: $30.00
A Ring of the Horned One, The God's face framed by beard and deer antlers depicting the image of Hern of the wild hunt. The Face of the Goddess sculpted on a disk in bas releif. Her hair surrounds her countenance giving a radiating effect. A ring made in the spirit of Peace, the traditional symbol popular in the 60s. A new and more detailed Ouroboros ring, this is the classic Ouroboros swallowing it's tail.
Leaf Wreath Ring Fire Star Ring Celtic Lovers Knot Ring Classic Triple Goddess Ring
Leaf Wreath Ring
Our Price: $30.00
Fire Star Ring
Our Price: $32.00
Celtic Lovers Knot Ring
Our Price: $32.00
A Sterling Silver Ring crowned with a circle of leaves forming a wreath Tongues of fire forming a five point star surrounded by a firey circle, mounted on a shank of sterling silver Two ropes combined are stronger than the single cord. A metaphor describing how a couple commitment may strengthen each others lives. A classic style of pentacle and crescent ring, in the style of a "Gypsy Ring" or "Class ring"
Slender Triple Goddess Ring Pythagorean Pentacle Ring Moon and Star Ring Peaceful Mushroom Ring
Pythagorean Pentacle Ring
Our Price: $32.00
Moon and Star Ring
Our Price: $34.00
Peaceful Mushroom Ring
Our Price: $35.00
A classic style of pentacle and crescent ring with a thin shank for the smaller hand With the Pentagon surrounding it, the points of a five point star on a heavy shank One of my earliest creations: Moon and Star Ring. A ring composed of five Amanita Muscaria forming the shape of a peace sign
Ring of Protection Wolf Ring Maple Leaf Ring Spiral Ring
Ring of Protection
Our Price: $35.00
Wolf Ring
Our Price: $35.00
Maple Leaf Ring
Our Price: $36.00
Spiral Ring
Our Price: $36.00
The top of the piece holds the Rune of Protection.  The sides of the ring are flanked with the waxing and waning moon. A Wolf Face looking at you with curiosity, the mane of his head trails into the shank of the ring In it's best aspect the Maple is a tree of Health, Longevity drawing helpful and positive spirits and energy. A ring that symbolizes the eternal. The center glyph is a spiral representing the Tor of the Grail. The sides are adorned by Triquetras
The Autumn Awen Ring The Winter Awen Ring The Druid Sigil Ring Spring Awen Ring
The Autumn Awen Ring
Our Price: $39.00
The Winter Awen Ring
Our Price: $39.00
The Druid Sigil Ring
Our Price: $39.00
Spring Awen Ring
Our Price: $39.00
The Autumn Awen Ring symbolizes Sky Father Energy in balance with the Earth Mother energy as well as any of a thousand other sets of three ideas This is a winter version of the Awen Ring: a wreath of leaves and three staves descending from the top, the leaves are of Holly, the "dots" are pine cones. The Durid Sigil ring: a wreath of sacred leaves covered by two Druidic staves. This is a symbol of the Earth Mother or Gaia used by many Neopagan Druid The Awen is an ancient design used by the Druids of Olde. This symbol has been recognized and harnessed by the Neo-Pagan movement to represent the emanation of the Light, brought into manifestation in the material world.

This ring is the Awen for Spring
Centaur Ring The Wizard Ring Scrying Hands Ring The Watchful Wolf Ring
Centaur Ring
Our Price: $40.00
The Wizard Ring
Our Price: $69.00
Scrying Hands Ring
Our Price: $75.00
The Watchful Wolf Ring
Our Price: $99.00
Lady Centaur pulling a bolt back with her bow: she aims for the stars. A classic Sagittarius ring A wizard looks into a crystal ball in his hands. His heavy hat nearly covers his eyes fade into the shank. Two hands holding stone to gaze into, seeing  many things real and imagined. Sterling silver wolf ring with stones set in the eyes.  Select from Amber, Garnet or Citrine stones
Green Man Ring
Green Man Ring
Our Price: $175.00
Sometimes when you look up into the forest's branches, one can see images like faces in the leaves. In the elder days, that "face" was said to be a vision of the Green Man.
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