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Warrior Healer Crone StatueThe Warrior embodies the youthful spirit of the Maiden taken to twenty first century. Women are now entering the world with an aspect of personal power, of the assurance of success in the development of their dreams into reality. She holds the staff the may be used to combat that which opposes her, but also it may guide others, pointing the way to their won destiny. She is clothed in fire and her hair is braided to remove the distraction from her goals.The Healer holds the medicine bowl, making the remedy that will cure illness and strengthen those in her care. She may be embraced as the Mother aspect, yet many choose to nurse more that her children, indeed cure the world of it's pain both physical and otherwise. Her hair is down to enfold and protect her work and she is clothed in the herbs and vines from which she draws the source of her medicine. The Crone is the wise one, the keeper of knowledge and wisdom. Within her she holds the understand and experience of previous two incarnations and offers the lore of the previous eons. She speaks her words to those wise enough to hear. She is clothed in spider webs, the ancient creatures that weave and spin their webs just as the Crone weaves her stories and parables. Her scroll in her hands holds the knowledge of those that have come before her. These three aspects of Woman are merged as one being, just as every woman holds the potential of all of these manifestations. their hair is braided together illustrating their interwoven and inseparable manifestation: the Goddess in every woman. This Sculpture was cast in bronze and is seven inches tall; currently in private collection. Copies now available. If you are interested in something like this made for you, please go to my How to order Custom page

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