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Woven Spear Amulet The Triquetra Amulet Heart Of Promise Amulet Shrivatsa Amulet
Woven Spear Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Triquetra Amulet
Our Price: $28.00
Heart Of Promise Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Shrivatsa Amulet
Our Price: $45.00
A Celtic knotwork braid from a pointed top that resolves into two points at the bottom. Triquetra: the three-in-one knot of unity; or the Trinity: the Manifestation of Three and the integrity of one purpose through love. Two hands join in a clasp of friendship above the Scottish thistle in a heart-shaped frame of Celtic knots. The Shrivasta Amulet is blessed with Virtue and encourages the wearer
to practice Virtue themselves.  The knot represents a bond with our
karmic destiny.
Music Mandala Circle Triquetra Amulet Awen Penannular
Music Mandala Amulet
Our Price: $99.00
Circle Triquetra Amulet
Our Price: $145.00
Awen Penannular Brooch
Our Price: $185.00

The Music Mandala is composed of a treble
clef, a bass clef and the symbol of “common time” (4/4) repeated
in a circle sixteen times in a filigree style

The classic Triquetra knot within a ring and containing a ring.  An image of Strength, Unity and Love. The Knotted Penannular Brooch is topped by a Awen: the classic Druid symbol of the unity of Three. Designed to hold the heavy cloaks!
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