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The Green Man Necklace Pixie Flame Chain Necklace Flame Chain Necklace Tree Spirit Necklace
The Green Man Necklace
Our Price: $345.00
Pixie Flame Chain Necklace
Our Price: $360.00
Flame Chain Necklace
Our Price: $360.00
Tree Spirit Necklace
Our Price: $370.00
The Green Man amulet with stone mounted on an acorn and oak leaf chain This hand fabricated chain necklace is similar to the Flame Chain with an added bonus: Pixies! Flames forming a necklace of fire.   Every link is a separate tongue of flame,   linked together by rings and soldered for security A noble tree with spreading branches and exposed roots, alluding to how
such a being is rooted both into the Earth and the Spirit World.
Leaf Collection Flame Chain Collection
Leaf Collection
Our Price: $480.00
Flame Chain Collection
Our Price: $480.00
An 18 inch leaf chain, a 6 inch leaf bracelet and pair of earrings. 18 inch Flame Chain with 6 inch Flame Chain Bracelet and pair of Flame Earrings
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