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Bezl AmuletsWith such music instructors as Dick Demers, Barbara Franklin, Maguerite Juenamann and Patrick Demsy, Bezl LaBonte is a powerful student of music and the arts. Studying at the University of Maine Augusta School of Arts and Science helped him to realize his potential. Migrating to Daytona Beach, his skill in wood carving flourished from decorative wall hangings to entire rooms of furniture, each a work of art. There he found the Drumcircle community, and he was hooked. Harnessing his knowledge of music, he threw himself into the Drumcircle experience, drumming in every circle he could attend, traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard. Words fail to express the profound mastery of Bezl's musicianship. You simply have to hear it to believe it. As an Artisan, Bezl has culminated his knowledge of sound and form to create Djembes, the more popular kind of drum found in circles. From tree to drum, each a complete work of art; a finely crafted drum of aged wood, carved, sculpted and polished with love and care. Because he is an accomplished drummer, he knows what is demanded of a drum and thus creates sensible and elegant solutions for the dedicated drummer. Bezl Drums has evolved into a comprehensive line that now includes Double Djembes, Djuns, Bongos, Congas, Djembeks, lathe-worked concentric-cut kit drum sets, Custom Snare Drums, dumbeks and more. To add his mark to his special drums, he commissioned me to make a special amulet which he ties into the tuning ropes. If you see a drum wearing this amulet, you know it is a Bezl Drum. For more information about Bezl, his art and music, you may visit Bezl's Facebook page. If you wish for something created for your company, please visit my How to order Custom page