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Belt buckles, brooches, pins, cloak clasps and beads all of original design created by Kirk McLaren or "Merlin" of Amulets by Merlin
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Djembe Charm Mushroom Hair Bead Skull Hair Bead Snake Hair Bead
Djembe Charm
Our Price: $12.00
Mushroom Hair Bead
Our Price: $20.00
Skull Hair Bead
Our Price: $22.00
Snake Hair Bead
Our Price: $23.00
Only a quarter inch tall, this tiny Djembe holds the texture of the big ones: wood, tiny ropes and a drum head being played by very small hands A small mushroom for your hair or cord. A phantom-style skull hair bead with a hold in the center for hanging on a cord or woven into your hair. A coiled snake for your hair
Yin Yang hair Bead Small Oak Penannular Pagan Clergy Pin Floral Cluster Brooch
Yin Yang hair Bead
Our Price: $23.00
Small Oak Penannular
Our Price: $35.00
Pagan Clergy Pin
Our Price: $38.00
Floral Cluster Brooch
Our Price: $85.00
A hair bead combining the symbol of the Yin-Yang and the astrological symbol of Cancer The precursor to the button. A brass pin and frame anointed with silver oak leaves. For our Pagan Clergy serving our community abroad and here at home Flowers are a timeless statement of beauty.  This brooch features an elegant arrangement of flowers.
Oak Tree Belt Buckle Leaf Knot Cloak Clasp Bow and Arrow Pin Knotted Penannular Brooch
Oak Tree Belt Buckle
Our Price: $99.00
Leaf Knot Cloak Clasp
Our Price: $99.00
Bow and Arrow Pin
Our Price: $115.00
Knotted Penannular Brooch
Our Price: $145.00
The Oak Tree Belt Buckle features the Image of an oak tree suspended in space and rooted in a rock, surrounded by a field of stars This original design by Merlin incorporates the maple leaf motif with Celtic knotwork. The clasp has two strong and durable hooks that link the two panels together, with three loops on the back of each panel for stitching to your garment.
A pin featuring the classic design of the pulled bow and arrow This classic Penannular of Celtic Knotwork is a fully functional brooch modeled from the ancient Celts.
Spring Wreath Brooch Pan Pipe Penannular Triquetra Penannular Pentacle Penannular
Spring Wreath Brooch
Our Price: $145.00
Pan Pipe Penannular
Our Price: $155.00
Triquetra Penannular
Our Price: $155.00
Pentacle Penannular
Our Price: $155.00
A brooch pin of orchid, rose, daisy and other blossoms with accompanied foliage ornament this this wreath of Spring. The Pipes of pan as the
"pin head" and the crescent in the form of a pattern of Grapes leaves
and vine.
The Knotted frame is topped by a Triquetra knot: the classic Celtic symbol of the unity of Three. A knotted brooch frame topped with a knotted Pentacle
Thistle Brooch Double Song Cloak Clasp Grape Vine with Pentacle Penannular Awen Penannular
Thistle Brooch
Our Price: $165.00
Double Song Cloak Clasp
Our Price: $175.00
Awen Penannular Brooch
Our Price: $185.00
A sterling brooch that captures in richly sculpted metal the feel of the thistles themselves. The original amulet: The Song Dragon, a double sided piece developed for
fastening your heavy garments.
This Penannular brooch is fully articulated and clasps like the traditional clasps of the Celts The Knotted Penannular Brooch is topped by a Awen: the classic Druid symbol of the unity of Three. Designed to hold the heavy cloaks!
Winter Awen Belt Buckle Acorn Brooch Grape Pentacle Penannular Pan Penannular
Winter Awen Belt Buckle
Our Price: $195.00
Acorn Brooch
Our Price: $195.00
Grape Pentacle Penannular
Our Price: $195.00
Pan Penannular
Our Price: $195.00
The Winter Awen Belt Buckle as a large 3 inch carving of detail and weaght.  May be modified. A wreath of oak leaves and acorns, representing the present and the
future.  A perfect accessory for those who love the woods, trees, and
This Penannular is fully articulated and clasps like the traditional ones featuring grapes and a pentacle The frame of a grape arbor topped with Pan Himself playing his pipe in a wreath of leaves and grapes
Flaming Knot Cloak clasp
Flaming Knot Cloak clasp
Our Price: $250.00
Knotwork forming a fan of flames.
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