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Peace Amulet Peace Music Amulet The Pax Amulet Om Amulet
Peace Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Peace Music Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
The Pax Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Om Amulet
Our Price: $38.00
A pendent of Peace in the shape of a tear A sixteenth note with a peace sign in the dot The PAX Amulet is formed by the capital letter "P" with the smaller case "x" mounted on the main trunk. The "Om" or "Aum" Amulet is the Sanskrit word framed in a circle
Madonna Amulet Peaceful Mushroom Amulet Shrivatsa Amulet Om Collection
Madonna Amulet
Our Price: $39.00
Peaceful Mushroom Amulet
Our Price: $42.00
Shrivatsa Amulet
Our Price: $45.00
Om Collection
Our Price: $85.00
An amulet of a Mother looking upon her sleeping baby in her arms Three Mushrooms among leafy foliage in the shape of the classic Peace Symbol. The Shrivasta Amulet is blessed with Virtue and encourages the wearer
to practice Virtue themselves.  The knot represents a bond with our
karmic destiny.
Presenting the Om Collection. The ancient Sanskrit glyph "OM" encompasses all things  are hung on jump rings
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