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Small Pentacle Amulet Small Pentacle of Fire Amulet Caduceus Pentacle Amulet The Faery Star Amulet
Small Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Caduceus Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
The Faery Star Amulet
Our Price: $20.00
Small pentacle, a simple delicately woven five point star A Pentacle of Flames woven together forming indefinable shapes. Caduceus Pentacle is a symbol of health, good communication and a balance of all things One of the more recent adopters of the seven point star is the  Faery Tradition of Wicca.
Astaroth Amulet Pythagorean Pentacle Amulet Besom Pentacle Amulet Transcendence Amulet
Astaroth Amulet
Our Price: $23.00
Besom Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $30.00
Transcendence Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
Astrologers, Tarotists and other seekers of wisdom have since chosen a different path With the Pentagon surrounding it, the points of the star are marked out by the Greek letters attributed to them. A pentacle of weight, suitable for the Kitchen Witch. A circle of "wood" with five brooms woven to make the traditional Star. A Treble clef over a five point star
Small Star with Cauldron Amulet Small Star with Moonstone Amulet Rough Star Amulet Knotted Star Amulet
Rough Star Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
Knotted Star Amulet
Our Price: $36.00
This charm is made with the the Kitchen Witch in mind: cauldron, pentacle and chain, all sterling silver. A woven five pointed star set into a circle. In the center a moon stone, a mineral which seems to be solidified moon light The texture is random, rough spots like bark but in no particular pattern.  The Pentacle itself is "two sided" showing the weave of the star on both sides, a three dimensional piece This three dimensional piece is a continuous strand and maybe followed with the eye to the starting place.Knots are symbols of eternity, underscoring the overall pattern: in this case the unity of all things
The Heptagram Amulet Pagan Clergy Pin Pentacle Earrings Pentacle of Fire Amulet
The Heptagram Amulet
Our Price: $36.00
Pagan Clergy Pin
Our Price: $38.00
Pentacle Earrings
Our Price: $39.00
Pentacle of Fire Amulet
Our Price: $39.00
A simple, deep carving of a woven seven point star pendant in filigree of the Heptagram For our Pagan Clergy serving our community abroad and here at home Solid, yet light with a top bail and soldered jump rings for security; mounted on Shepard Hook earring findings Flame Star A heavy Pentacle of Flames woven together forming undefinable shapes
Balanced Star Amulet Small Pentacle with Cauldron and Moonstone Amulet Small Kitchen Witch Pentacle Caduceus Pentacle Earrings
Balanced Star Amulet
Our Price: $40.00
The Balanced Star Amulet is intended for everyone who wishes to embrace divergence of ideas and capability and bring balance to a troubled world cauldron, pentacle and chain, all sterling silver The blade, the spoon, the broom, the herb and the candle. En-circled by grape vines in the form of a pentacle The Caduceus Pentacle is a symbol of health, good communication and a balance of all things.
Blossom Star Amulet Herne's Pentacle Amulet The Faery Star Amulet Collection Gardnerian Pentacle Amulet
Blossom Star Amulet
Our Price: $49.00
Herne's Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $50.00
"the Teacher's Star", perfect for those on the path of all faiths dedicated to truth, wisdom and virtue. The image of a Stag is a powerful one: it strikes a spark of racial memory which seems to reach back for generations; this Amulet combines the stag head and pentacle. The Faery Star Amulet with earrings! A great combination for those who love the Faery Star The inner pentacle has two points up representing the experience of oppression. The outer pentacle represents the triumph of the individual who has learned to over come the oppression of the flesh and spirit, Given to those of Gardnerian Tradition
Pentacle of Brotherhood Amulet Grape Vine Pentacle Amulet Ladies of the Star Amulet Large Pentacle Amulet
Ladies of the Star Amulet
Our Price: $95.00
Large Pentacle Amulet
Our Price: $139.00
The Pentacle of Brotherhood is a symbol that represents Community in its
ideal form: open communication between it's members, addressing the
toughest issues with a clear mind and an open heart
The star and circle are made up of leaves and grapes growing from the Pentacle Pentacle composed of of flame, morphing into women, developing the circle of life; the efforts of Women develop strength, balance and empowerment through their transformative efforts Large Pentacle without weave. Heavy loop at the top with a sturdy jump ring.
Kitchen Witch Pentacle Grape Vine with Pentacle Penannular Ace of Pentacles Money Clip Oak Pentacle Amulet with Stone
Kitchen Witch Pentacle
Our Price: $145.00
The blade, the spoon, the broom, the herb and the candle. Circled by grape vines, this heavy Pentacle may be worn as an amulet or hung in the kitchen as a ward and blessing This Penannular brooch is fully articulated and clasps like the traditional clasps of the Celts A money clip of a woven five point star within a circle with the texture
of wood, vines sculpted and enhanced with emerald enamel and paint
In the designing of the Oak Pentacle I used simple and direct representation of oak leaves and branches without a lot of other symbols.  In this way I have kept the piece open and free of restraint.
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