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The Fool Amulet The Magi Amulet The High Priestess Amulet The Empress Amulet
The Fool Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Magi Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The High Priestess Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Empress Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
An amulet of an egg with the letter Aleph embossed on the shell: new beginnings, pure potential The image of the pointing hand: focusing intent and making manifest one's own potential. A woman below drawing down the moon,   From her skirts flow the rivers of Consciousness representing the High Priestess An amulet of two hands holding a crystal ball with shafts of wheat representing the Empress
The Hierophant Amulet The Lovers Amulet The Chariot Amulet The Strength Amulet
The Hierophant Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Lovers Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Chariot Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Strength Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
An amulet of a hand of blessing with a halo around the finger tips representing The Hierophant An amulet of a pair of Lovers, framed by wings. An amulet of a chariot and rider pulled by Unicorns An amulet of a lion's head on a serpant
The Hermit Amulet The Wheel Of Fortune Amulet The Justice Amulet The Hanged Man Amulet
The Hermit Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Justice Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Hanged Man Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
An amulet of a hand holding a lantern representing the Hermit A cyclone of activity with a still center representing the Wheel of Fortune An amulet of Lady Justice Herself as the scales representing Justice An inverten man suspended in the symbol of water representing the Hanged Man
The Temperance Amulet The Star Amulet The Sun Amulet The Tower Amulet
The Temperance Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Star Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Sun Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
The Tower Amulet
Our Price: $26.00
An amulet of The Crone standing before her cauldron, wings and rainbow of manifestation represents Temperance An amulet of a star representing the concepts of the Tarot card of the Star An amulet of the Sun with Resh embossed in the center represents the Tarot card of the Sun An amulet of a blasted tower with a thunderbolt represents the tarot card of the Tower
The Death Amulet The Devil Amulet The Moon Amulet The Emperor Amulet
The Death Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
The Devil Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
The Moon Amulet
Our Price: $29.00
The Emperor Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
An amulet of the threshhold of death represents the tarot card Death An amulet of opposing five point stars with a smoaky torch represents the taort card The Devil An amulet of the Full Moon obscured by clouds represents the tarot card The Moon An amulet of Perception and manipulation of of the world through precise control
The Universe Amulet The Judgment Amulet The Heirophant of the Tarot The Large High Priestess Amulet
The Universe Amulet
Our Price: $32.00
The Judgment Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
An amulet of Dancing Gaia: the embodiment of all life as a single form of consciousness represents the tarot card the Universe An amult of a single blade of flame and within are the modes of consciousness represents the tarot card Judgement Sterling silver Amulet representing the Heirophant. 2 5/8” long, back bail for haning on your chain or cord

A larger verion of the High Priestess amulet, a Woman drawing down the moon, a crescent the the Hebrew letter of Gimel
The Large Lovers Amulet Ace of Pentacles Money Clip
The Large Lovers Amulet
Our Price: $155.00
A larger version of the Lover's Amulet,: a man and woman framed by wings A money clip of a woven five point star within a circle with the texture
of wood, vines sculpted and enhanced with emerald enamel and paint
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