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About Amulets by Merlin

Amulets by Merlin was founded in 1986 by Kirk McLaren. Focusing on custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry and sculpture he designed a collection of pieces spanning Mythological and natural imagery. Unique wedding rings, large Necklaces and other pieces. In 1991 he completed the Tarot Casters: a set of 22 pieces which may be worn as amulets or collectively used for Tarot Readings. His work has been seen in festivals and conventions from coast to coast in the US and commissioned by the film and television industry. McLaren's on-line presence began in 1998 offering well over 300 designs including rings, pendants, brooches and pins, specialty chain and hand engraving. In the past 15 years Kirk has included sculpture, custom motorcycle mirrors and board game pieces.

Amulets by Merlin is focused on limited edition pieces, each piece is created by the artist as they are ordered, this gives the client the ability to request changes in the design, adding stones or including other alterations. Unusual rings sizes, personal symbols, a drawing you sketched and want it made, let “Merlin” make it for you.

In the Website, please review the Gallery of past commissions. Most of these pieces were commissioned from renderings (drawings) submitted by the client, or described in an email or phone call. The renderings created were then reviewed by the client and approved. If you see something which inspires you for your own project you may commission a rendering for your own approval and have something made just for you, your circle of friends, club or gathering.

If you need to contact me:

Amulets by Merlin
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(757) 869-8666