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Star Drop Amulet Moon Flame Amulet Little Sun Amulet Toasting the Moon Amulet
Star Drop Amulet
Our Price: $22.00
Moon Flame Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
Little Sun Amulet
Our Price: $25.00
Toasting the Moon Amulet
Our Price: $30.00
An eight point star hung by a jump ring at the extended top ray A small crescent moon enveloped in flame, symbolizing the ever changing nature of Luna and the transforming qualities of Fire. Amulet of the Sun gently smiles upon us from beyond our reach An amulet of a man offering a toast to the Moon
Star Drop Earrings Morning Stars Amulet The Amulet of Morgan le Fay Sun and Moon Amulet
Star Drop Earrings
Our Price: $32.00
Morning Stars Amulet
Our Price: $35.00
Sun and Moon Amulet
Our Price: $36.00
The Star Drop Earrings are radiant drops of light descending from the heavens. An amulet of The Sun rising over the horizon, casting rays of light and power. Stars in the sky above shine until full day.
Morgan holds out her hands in blessing within a five point star under a crescent moon, below are raven feathers An amulet of the Sun and Moon combine in a fusion: the face of the Sun looks directly at us while the Moon looks to the sun in mild amusement
Elvin Moon Amulet Nova Amulet
Elvin Moon Amulet
Our Price: $38.00
Nova Amulet
Our Price: $95.00
A tree with stars in the branches rooted into a crescent moon The Nova amulet includes an 8mm Zirconium  in the center, creating a brilliant focal point for the starburst.
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