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Druid Ancestor Skull
Druid Ancestor Skull
Druid Ancestor Skull


As a part of the Druid Tradition, the respect of the Ancestors who have gone before us is an integral part of the Faith. This is also true to most traditions around the world, even in Monotheism reverence of the Dead and remembrance of their wisdom, history and the rites they developed are important to understanding ourselves and each other.

Reverence of the Ancestors is important to most people: our personal lifeline through our Parents and Grandparents, their stories and memories teach us what is both true and learning from their mistakes in action and thought. Even when our Great-grandparents may have made a worn decision, we are both blessed with their wisdom and carry the weight of their mistakes.

The Druid Skull Amulet is a carving of a human skull without the jaw (like the York Bead). The ocular cavities for the eyes are open into the cranium. While it is hallow, this three dimensional sculpture has a bit of weight to it weighting nearly a Troy Ounce (depending on the metal used. This skull may be used as a pendant or as an alter piece, tied to your drum or incorporated in other works One might create. The Druid Ancestor Skull is an amulet of great weight (in both physicality and meaning). I have placed an Awen on the forehead symbolizing the Emanation of the Light. Because of the invasion of the Romans in the first century AD (or there-a-bouts) much about the Druid Culture has been lost and reconstructed over the years. The Awen is now recognized by the ADF and other like minded associations.

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Ancestor Skull

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The Druid Skull Amulet is a carving of a human skull without the jaw with an Awen on the forehead, heavy, fully three dimensional hallow carving

  • Hallow metal skull, no jaw, top bail

  • Awen on forehead

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