Greetings and welcome to Amulets by Merlin
A brief overview of Amulets by Merlin

Amulets by Merlin specializes in One-of-a-Kind and Limited Edition jewelry and sculpture. Each piece is created by hand. None of the work is mass produced; when you receive a piece from Amulets by Merlin, it is handmade by the artist himself. Kirk McLaren (aka "Merlin") founded Amulets by Merlin in 1985 as a jewelry designer. He has produced works of art for social clubs, religious organizations, schools and rock groups, conventions, festivals, fundraisers and for the television and film industry. His website features a full catalog from which to order his designs. If there is something that you cannot find, you may visit the custom ordering page and have your piece created, whether you want one, two or a dozen. Thank you and enjoy!
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