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The Chakra TreeChakra Tree Amulet

A custom, one of a kind amulet designed by the client. The original design began as sketches, then developed with a rendering program, then emailed them to me.

A raven flies overhead symbolizing transcendence, wisdom and knowledge just beyond reach. Stones aligned by the chakra formation down the trunk of the tree, each stone of the kind associated with each chakra as per her choosing. The amulet is four and a half inches made of silver (the leaves, secondary branches and roots) and bronze (main trunk and primary branches).

The rough bark extended into the settings give a feeling of the stones being in the tree itself, the top two chakras (third eye and the crown) in contrast made smooth to accentuate the concept of the higher level of consciousness. Leaves extend the growth of the tree into the chain. Below is an opal symbolizing the pool of consciousness, much akin to the Star Card of the Tarot.

The Chakra Tree now resides in a private collection.

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