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The Charm HolderThis custom, one of a kind piece is designed to hold various talisman pieces as a collection of influences. A client requested I make a holder that may be used to hold several amulets at a time, enabling her to combine the influences of various amulets. The top of the holder has a hinge and clasp for the armature to swing out, change the amulets out as needed and clasp again behind the triple moon shield. Shown here are three amulets in combination: the High priestess, Leo and an ancestor skull bead. This combination holds the vitality and perseverance of Leo, the qualities of the Akashic amulet of the High Priestess and the wisdom of the ancestors. As the bearer of this Charm Holder, she is able to construct a pattern of influences needed for a specific purpose or to develop a matrix of intent for a period of time and then reconstruct the holder for purposes in the future. This is a one of a kind piece developed for her; however if you wish something like it, please visit my How to order Custom page