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The Seals of Solomon BraceletKing Solomon of old Jerusalem is said to have been given both "wisdom and knowledge" and ability to distinguish morally between good and evil thorough a deeper understanding of the universe. One of his legacies is what is known as "The Greater Key of Solomon" which a series of images containing geometric patters combined with Hebrew and other images. Each seal is dedicated to a specific quality and described by the Planets (Mars, Venus and so on) to describe those virtues. I was commissioned to create a bracelet with seven of the seals on a leather bracelet. Each seal was made separately with a concho screw in the back. The bracelet was punched to allow each seal to be mounted. Because of the need to have the bracelet to lay flat against the wrist, I had carved the seals (in order specified by the client) curved to fit snugly around the wrist..This was created to the specific qualifications for the person who ordered it, all one of a kind work with no mold taken. It currently is being worn by the Fellow who commissioned it. If you would like something special made, please visit my How to order Custom page