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Extended Helices AmuletThis pendant called "extended helices" shows the unique parts of the structure of a protein, called caspase-6. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts study this protein because caspase-6 plays an important role in Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease. The structure of caspase-6, which was determined by Sravanti Viadya and Jeanne Hardy, showed structural changes as the three helices extended upward toward the caspase-6 active site. This "extended helices" piece was commissioned for Dr. Vaidya as gift for her Ph.D. graduation. Jeanne sent me images of the protein with the hope I could create a relief (one sided sculpture) for an amulet, however she said "if you can make it three dimensional, that would be better". Better is better, so I made it in a full 3D sculpture. Shown here in 24k gold. If you want something special made, please visit my How to order Custom page