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Ouroboros Penannular BroochI have already been offering the Ouroboros Ring for some time now, however a fellow wanted to have something specially made that touches both his Celtic Heritage and his love for the Ouroboros: the Ouroboros Penannular Brooch! The Worm himself is a solid carving with the ability to be viewed from both sides, a fully detailed face and the traditional diamond scaled spine. Unlike the Ladies' Penannular, this is a solid ring with a "free" pin. By the customer's request I created the pin without a head to replicate a sewing needle. The way it is worn is that the ring of the Ouroboros is placed on the cloak (or Great Kilt) and the needle pierces the fabric underneath after bunching it up though the ring, thus securing the Brooch and cloak together. If you want something special made, please visit my How to order Custom page