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Tree AmuletThis one of a kind Tree Amulet features a hematite to create a "null field". The design is the meditation associated with the amulet: illustrated. The purpose was to create a piece that would assist in my client's problems with EMF (Electro-Magnetic fields). Many of us are plagued with EMF sensitivity. An evergreen tree is rooted into the stone, just as the bearer of the amulet visualizes being rooted into the null field itself. The stone was imported from Australia, specifically selected by the stone carver for this purpose. We cast the sculpture (two sided) in bronze, a relatively "non- conductive" metal so as not to tamper with the null field that is natural to hematite. It was sculpted as a two sided piece so the may wear it with the stone touching his chest and roots exposed to the front: visible to those that see it. In reverse it is directed to specifically shield from that which is in front of him. If you would like something special made, please visit my How to order Custom page